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"An_Other" is a short film inserted in a projection mapping spectacle to be performed in Mülheim, Köln.

Facts and Features

Genre: Fiction / Non-Fiction

Language: None

Runtime: 30 minutes
Audio Setup: Auro-3D 17.1
Technology: compact video server + App

Setting: Die Mütze's Park (Berliner Straße 77)

Volume: A one-time spectacle with three looped runs (10 minutes each)

Tags: emotions, shared reality, projection mapping, expanded cinema

Audience: Bystanders, neighboring citizens from a wide age range and collaborators

An_Other Mülheim Experience

"An_Other" is the seed for the street-cinema concept as an artistic expression and as an academic exploration pushing to bring cinematic experiences to audiences that are not going to the movie theaters or film festivals, but that enjoy the collective essence of cinema.

Its audiovisual content is both self-produced and crow-sourced among the community itself and it depicts everyday acts to delve into emotions and how we feel about mundane events.

We are currently looking for funding to properly execute the set features and hope to broaden our team with collaborators and cultural institutions that see the potential of the project as a scalable and exportable idea.

Literary City 

Based on a website platform, these interactive videos grant choices to locate Chilean literary extracts in three port cities: Antofagasta, Concepción & Valparaiso. 

The choices are geographical to move within a city, content-wise (what to see, download extra material or meet the person behind a book), and also change the POV thus noticing what happens when we experience another´s perspective of the same event.

Literary City
To know more about this project please check out the original interactive platform (Spanish only) or review linear literary extracts (English subtitles)

BAFzA Social Spot 2019

Music Video

Volunteer Initiative

Fiction Short Film
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Public Education Promo
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Animations & Documentary
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Governmental Venture